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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Deal Example

Well Well Well, I had a great trip this time! Tons of stuff was $1 or less this trip!

These items are on sale at Albertson's through Tuesday 7/21 -
Here's some $1 Items I got (before coupons!):
Albertson's 8oz shredded cheeses
Albertson's Cream Cheese

Lays on sale for $1.88, I had two $1/1 coupons, so .88 each
Kraft dressing same deal, was on sale for $2 I had a $1/1 coupon
Albertson's powdered and brown sugar for $1 each

There were many carts full of "Reduced for quick sale" items for .99 -
Caramel Crunch Chex Mix - got 2 - $4 savings
Quaker Oatmeal -$2 savings
Curves Apple Cinnamon Bars - got 2 - $6 savings
Pringles Single Packs .99-I also had 3- .50/1 coupons so.....

Pringles are normally $4.99 but I got them for .55 each

They paid me .33 to take these babies home!

I had 3 /$2.00 off any size sugar coupons....

I found these on sale for $1.89 each.

Some great meat deals too! -
Pork ribs - were on sale for .99 a pound, I got 5 pounds for $5.
That's $16.99 off!
Boneless chicken breasts - were 1.88 a pound, I got 5.4 pounds for $10.21
That normally costs $21.65
Hamburger -I got 3.23 lbs for $5.04 total. $1.53 per pound.
I had a $4 off "manager's special" peelie on the package.
It would have been $9.04.

I had $16 in coupons for all sorts of ice cream novelties, so with the store sales I brought home boxes of ice cream treats like Klondike, M&M's, Snickers, Hagen-Daaz, for less than $1.00 each box/item.

I got a lot of other stuff, the above were my best deal examples, I used my 3 Albertson's "doublers" of course.....
So all in all, here's my receipt for this transaction.....

I spend $116.09 and saved $172.57, with 115 items that's $1 per item average cost before tax! The savings was 59%.
$293.01 total value.
I ran out of room in my cart and went back for some other items I had coupons for: these were the items I'd planned to buy before I left home, knowing they'd all be deeply discounted, and knowing I had a lot of coupons for each item.....adding coupons to deep store discounts is SO amazing sometimes!.....
All Items:
6 boxes of Mini Wheats - Store sale 1.88 each. Had $4.50 off in coupons -1.13 each
2 boxes of Special K - 1.88 each - had $2 in coupons -.88 each
5 packages of Pilsbury cookie dough - $2.50 each, had $8.75 in coupons - $.75 each
4 cans of pineapple - $1 store sale - had $1.85 in coupons - $.53 each
9 Warm Delights - .99 store clearance sale, had 9 -.50 off coupons - .49 each
3 Candy Bars - Free with 3 coupons

I spent a total of $25.81 for 30 items. .86 each item average cost!
$88.57 total value
71% savings
Summary -
$381.58 total value for today's purchases
$146.25 OOP - (out of pocket)
Saved 62% today
I like to think of it as :
I paid 38% of regular prices today
or paid for only 38% of my items. :)
Ain't couponing grand?


  1. Kelley, you're absolutely amazing? My only question is: where do you put all this stuff when you get it home? Love to read ALL your blogs! Peggy

  2. Funny you should ask....We have 3 freezers. One with the fridge, one smaller ice chest, and we just got a new giant freezer for the garage. They're all almost full now. As for the non-perishables: We have two pantry's full! I just organized my basement space so we have room now for actual food storage space. Before that it was in an extra bedroom :) But I feel SO good now that I have a TON of food storage....relieved actually. It's nice to know I can take care of my family's needs on a tiny income. Thanks for stopping by!


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