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Monday, July 27, 2009

Deal Example

Walgreen's Deal!

All of this for $10.78! I saved 83% today!!

$61.77 total value for $10.76

Candy normally .89 each or $5.34 for 6
.50 Store Ad (limit 6)
$1/2 coupons = Free

Duracell normally 5.79 each or $17.37 for 3
$2.99 Store Ad (limit 3)
$1.50/1= $1.49 Each

Scotch Mailers Normally $1.80 each or $10.80 for 6
.39 ALL sizes Store Ad
used 6 .50/1 Coupons=Free!

Starbucks Frappichino (Dont judge, they're for someone else)
Normally $2.50 ea or $7.50 for 3
Store Ad 3/$5
used 3 $1/1 coupons = .66 each

Alieve Store Normally 5.19 each or $20.76 for 4
Store Ad 4.49 Each
used 2 $1/1 coupons = $1.74 Each

I still have $5 total off Coupon still to spend. I would have used them but my coupon per item ratio was too high (at Walgreen's you can only have as many coupons as you have items, darn.) I'll just use these on my next trip tomorrow! I still have more battery and chocolate coupons to use!

The total saving on this receipt doesn't include "regular" prices, just the sale price the store currently has. I personally like to go off of the regular price to my savings ratio like the grocery store receipts do.

But we can go from what's on this receipt too: Before tax I still saved 76% off sale prices.
But if using Regular prices the savings are really 83%. Because I purposefully shop for SALE items to add my coupons to, it makes sence to me!

Math Lesson:
You calculate your savings percentage by adding your store savings (29.59) to your total spent before tax (10.76) that equals 40.35.
Then divide 10.76 (total spent) by the above total - 40.35 that equals .26666
Which is the percent you spent for the value of the total items 26%.
Then you minus .26 from 100 and you get 74 so you got all items at 74% off!
You can do this for the total spent or for any indivual item too.

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