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Friday, July 8, 2011

Tried and true tips that never grow old

I am pround of my little bloggity blog; I haven't posted here in quite a while but love coming here to re-focus.  

I believe it is important to prepare, think ahead, save money, stock up and get a food supply going especially in this shaky economy. (What will you do if Gas goes to $10 a gallon, or if food prices inflate more? Or if you or your spouse lose a job? Or if your friends or family do? How will you help??) 

Everyone wishes they had more time and the one lesson I learned is to stop reinventing the wheel;  I stopped posting deals here to gain more time with my family; and I will now refer you to my tutorial and the great links to the right, the tips and ideas here are still applicible -  They are good for as long as this blog is alive.

I STILL coupon and STILL save 50-75% at the grocery store almost every time I go shopping. I still am stocking up, increasing our food storage, and saving money even after two years.

I do this mostly by going to these great websites and following through on the deals they find. I print the coupons that others link to, and use the shopping lists others create.  (Thank you to everyone creating these blogs; you save me SO much time and money!!) Please take some time to check out the links to the right; they will help you... and so will I! Post a comment, I'll get an email. I'm happy to help you anytime.

Good Luck!! And follow these tips and you'll enjoy your extra $400-$600 a month including your new growing food storage supply and growing peace of mind.  Peace of mind is a wonderful thing. I always want to find ways to help people; my wish is that if you use these tips; you find peace of mind just like I did.

My best,

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