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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Get 50%-90% off all around town (And the country!)

Check out these daily deals - huge discounts on the coolest stuff: I love all of these sites; 50% off and more on things to do, hotels; restaurants, you can buy these as gifts etc and eat at all sorts of new and favorite restaurants around your town. Most of the time you buy the certificate and print it immediately - Citideals mails your certificates to you for $.99 -

Some examples of 50% off vouchers I've gotten: (so far!) 
Nutty Guys
Nielsen's Frozen Custard
Cold Stone
Speed Street
Rock Climbing Gyms
Movie Ticket Discounts
Cherry Hill
Raging Waters


Local and Nationwide – click on your city or others, some are online deals

Just a couple Internet deals:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Go Deal Go   is a great new website that has a deal a day at 50% or more off a different place every day!

My favorites have been Nielsen's ftozen custard and Cutler's sandwiches and cookies!. You can usually buy as many certificates as you'd like, usually you buy a $5 a certificate worth $10, buy as many as you'd like.
These don't work like cash so you must use all of the certificate at once. The have Davis and Weber county deals, and Salt Lake is coming soon.
Sign up today for their daily email, or check back daily. When you purchase you can choose a venue to support; my mom's school, Cook Elementary, is sponsoring these deals and could use your help if you don't see a school around you from the list. Pay by credit or debit card and print your certificates right from the website.
Enjoy the daily deals!

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