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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Deal Example

I have to tell you I'm usually an Albie's girl but this week Smiths had quite a few deals.
Smiths had the GIANT boxes of GM cereal on sale for $2.00.
Original price is $5.99
$4 store savings per box. .....hang in there
I had 22 - $1/1 coupons, and 3 store coupons for $2 off 3 boxes and 3 - $0.75/1 coupons
So I bought 28 boxes that would have normally cost $168 - for $31.77
That's $1.13 average per box, an 80% savings!
And now I have a 6 months supply of cereal for my family

Then they had a promo on Keebler crackers and cookies.
They were on sale for 1.99-2.69 each.
Their promo was "Buy 3 items get a $3 rebate off at the register, limit $6 off per transaction"
So with 3 separate transactions I bought 15 items total.
In addition; I had 15 coupons ranging from $1.25/1, $1/1 and $.55/1 coupons.
So for 15 Keebler items:
$51.75 original price
$39.48 total store sale price
$15 off with the rebates = $24.48
minus my $14.95 in coupons
equals $9.53 total for 15 items
that's $0.63 each!
And now I have a couple of days' supply of treats for me....I mean, a 3 month supply of treats for my family :)

Then I headed to the meat case for this deal....
Tyson prepared meals for 4 - These are yummy!
Normally $7.34 each
on sale for $4.49
The store had a bonus $1 off "peelie" coupon stuck on each package - Ah yeah!
I had 7 $.50/1 coupons
So, the price came to $2.99 each!
That's $51.38 normal price for 7 meals for 4
So $20.93 for 7
That's $2.99 a meal for 4 - $0.74 each serving for some really great pot roast in gravy.
Now I have a quick and easy healthy yummy meal option for one night a week for 7 weeks....

So, total for all of these items 28 boxes of cereal
15 packages of cookies/crackers, and 7 pot roast meals
WOULD have normally cost $279.13, and I got them for a total of $62.23.
That's 77.5% off :)

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