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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Deal Example

So this was last nights' Shopping adventure.
2 stores.
6 Transactions.
15 doubler's for Albertson's.

I. Am. Obsessed.
All of this should have been $247.92
I spent $74.76 OOP
so it was 70% off total! Here's the breakdown.

I went to Rite-Aid for the first time, (too tired to take pictures, sorry)

But I got:
2 camp chairs for $4.49 each down from $9.99
6 Free packages of Mentos gum with coupons
4 Spiral Notebooks from Mead for .99 total
2 free packages of Bumblebee Tuna
Then some cinnamon bears for $2 a package
2 Spices at .99 each
2 2 liters of A&W for .50 each
2 GIANT bags of candy, Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish down to 3.99 from 5.99
A $5/$25 store coupon from

Regular price would be $60.85
Total spent $23.32 that's 62% off!
Pretty good for my first time at Rite-Aid.

They have all their summer stuff at 25% off right now, hence the camp chairs.

Now on to Albertson's

Transaction #1

3 Bags Butterfinger Mini's
Regularly 3.99 each or $11.97
Store Sale 2.99
3 $1/1 mfgr coupons
3 $1/1 Doubler's
Total OOP $2.97
75% off

Transaction #2
3 Werthers 2.19 each or $6.57
$1/3 coupons
1 Doubler
$4.57 for 3
2 Tropicana OJ's Regularly 3.99 Each
Store sale 3.49
2 $1/1 coupons
2 Doubler's
$1.49 each

$7.55 OOP $52 % savings

Transaction #3
2 Classico Pasta Regularly 3.49 each
Store sale $2.50 each
$1/2 Coupon
$1.50 each
Ronzoni Pasta $2.39
$1/1 coupon
Chex Mix Cereal Bars Regularly 3.99
Store sale $2.49
Coupon .75/1
.99 each

Total OOP $4.38

Regular $14.45 or 69% savings

Transaction 4

All the dog biscuits below were in a discount cart for .99 to 1.49 each.

EVERY one I had a coupon for which brought each to Free or to .99 each! Cool!

7-up products originally $4.99 each were B2G2

then with my 2 $1/1 coupons they were $1.49 each with doubler's!

I got two cans of Chef Boyardee pasta for .25 each after 2 $/1 coupons

I had a couple of other store sale items with no coupons,

I doubled one dog biscuit coupon for $1

The transaction total for this was $24.48 OOP

Regular Price would've been $105.76 - that's 77% off

Ever heard of food storage for dogs? Here it is baby!

I did three transactions above in a row because it wasn't busy then and my cute checkout girl was happy to do it for me, we're on a first name basis.... I took the 4th transaction around again and the bagger kept my purchased items close for me because it got busy. Then put all the stuff in the car and had 3 doubler's left. Well with tons of $1/1 item coupons in my stash I couldn't very well let $6 go down the drain now could I?
So here's the final transaction of the evening. And I must say, my favorite!

1/2 Gallons of Breyers, Regularly $6.39 each or $38.34 for 6
Used 2 $2/3 Breyers Catilina's
Used 3 $1/2 Breyers Mfgr. Coupons
Used 3 $1/1 Doubler's
Total OOP $8.00
Or $1.33 each, or 74% off

I was one sore, tired couponing momma after this trip. I'm about grocery shopped out. Well okay, not really, maybe I'll give myself just a couple days off.....

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