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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Case Lot SALE!!

I had a great time at Smith's with this sale and recruited Hubby's help with the dual shopping carts for this baby. And now I'm good and stocked up on some items I was worried about. Can you believe I worry about not having enough of something like canned chicken? Seriously who is this person I've become???
Ah, well! Necessity is the mother of invention I suppose.

This is truly food storage at it's best, the Case lot sale at Smith's was EXCELLENT.
Here's the booty.....

4 Cases of 24 12oz bottles of water $10.00
Saved $5.96

Kroger Apple Juice
Case of 8 - 1/2 gallon bottles
Saved $4.09

Chunk Chicken
Case of 12
Saved $16.48

Case of Honey
12 jars for $27.00
Saved $7.26

Case of Vegetable Oil
9 bottles
Saved $5.88

Tillamook Cheese
10lbs for $16.99
Saved $6.00
2/ $1/1 coupons
Saved $8 total

Cup of Noodles
2 Cases of 12 each - $6.00
Saved $2.16

The BEST Deals:
40 lbs of butcher block skinless boneless chicken breasts
$1.33/lb or $53.60 total
Saved about $60.00 or more
We divided these humongous chicken breasts into Gallon Ziploc bags
of 5 or 6 breasts per bag.....
when they come this big I'll make 2 meals for the 5 of us
out of each bag, one to eat, one to freeze, or for leftovers etc....
I got 12 bags total (below) out of the 40 lbs.
That's 24 meals for $2.23 each!!!

This really changed my perspective.
Think about it....
See what $2-3 can buy at a grocery store vs dining out???
$2 doesn't even buy one kids meal or one decent burger any more,
but I can feed 5 of us from the grocery store!
This has put the whole couponing thing in perspective
yet again for me.
What am I accomplishing every day
Not just saving money on a few items,
but shifting my whole thought process
on spending money wisely and in ways
that make sence for us now and for ages to come.
I learned a lot from chicken today. Thank you chicken.

Another FAB Deal:
Bumble Bee Light Tuna in Water
Case of 36
$24.00 - That's $.66 per can - Tuna's awesome, one can = one casserole with noodles and cream of chicken soup? Another super cheap yummy meal for less than $3
Saved $33.12 on this case.

$182.96 was the total for everything, I'm stocked up and happy and relaxed!
Whoo hoo!!

I Saved $142.95 on this sale; That’s 43%!!!

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