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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Budget Challenge!

I've been prepping my pantry and food storage for emergencies, and "emergency" need #1 will be October. Budgets are tight this month.

I am challenging myself to keep a budget of $15 per week for groceries!
Follow me as I see how much $15 can buy when you are a coupon nut!

Some bloggers have done this in the past, and some SAHMom's do this all the time to be able to stay at home with their kids....For me? My reason is my sweet Hubbie is still without a job and at least for this month we have some extra unplanned/planned expenses....

(man I pray our car doesn't break down.)

I'd personally like to see how I do with this goal;
I'm a little nervous to tell you the truth.
So stay tuned. I'm used to spending about $400-$600 a month now,
which is $500-$700 less per month than I used to spend on groceries
(Before couponing and my tale of desperation)
these numbers include dining out and entertainment,
I wrap them all together because they always coincide anyway -
Out with friends? ...Food. Movie? ...Usually
"a dinner and a". The Fair? ....Food!
Everything revolves around food.

At least most of my entertainment does. :)
If you'd like to do this challenge with me or if you do this already I'd love some tips.
I'll be baking with inexpensive items, staying in and not eating out;
entertainment will be home based or free!
I'll also be selling some items from home to help us with bills this month...
I may have to use my food budget for gas KWIM if anything unexpected comes up
....anyone need scrapbook supplies and XBOX stuff?
Like I said before;
I'm an impulse buyer, and that goes for going out to eat too;
I do this about 3-4 times a week or more when I just need to GET OUT!
But I will have to suppress that impulse
and find a more productive outlet for my cabin fever.
If you need to save for Christmas,
or want to jump start your general savings,
or just would like to see if you can do it,
I'll be here with ya!
(This $15 will not include Roshill Dairy for us, I spend about $100 a month on them but will cut that back to $75 if I can; it goes in my regularly scheduled bills)

Um...anyone have a coupon for Baking Powder and/or Vanilla?

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