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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Deal Example

I got roped in. I must really have a problem.
I told myself and you all that I wasn't going shopping for awhile.
Well that lasted a day. Maybe two. Okay so I didn't shop since the 29th which is technically 6 days from the last time I went so I'm okay right?
Argh. My mom NEEDED some stuff then I asked her to check in my coupon stash to see if I had one for it. ( I did) I told her about the double coupon days then she kinda went nuts and got out all these coupons out for stuff she needed and I just HAD to go last night didn't I or the double coupons at Smiths would be over the next day.
So off I went. Let me tell you it was kind of a nightmare. There were this gaggle of KCL's had to be a family of 3 women, but they were being WAY too loud and obnixious about how REDICULOUS it was that SO MUCH stuff was OUT OF STOCK. Blah Blah Blah..... They kind of ruined my great attitude. Yeah, a LOT of stuff was out of stock but that's what you get for crazy sales like that. 'Till supplies last you know :) So I tried to ignore the ranting and raving and gobbling from the group of chickenwomen on one end of the store and began my treck at the other......
I played a little game with myself; besides the stuff my mom needed;
I was going to get only the items I had a COUPON for,
and after doubling that coupon the item had to be .99 each
- average per item----- Which meant some items could be free too;
which would average my totals to .99 each item. (hopefully!)

So I went down EVERY isle, compared prices, with coupons. grabbed all my coupons from each section of my file as I went down the corresponding isle, so not much pre-planning here -

I used the .50 or better off an item which REALLY meant $1.00 up to $2.00 off an item or better for the sale. I was there for 3 hours - yes folks this is my new form of entertainment!
I had a cart FULL to overloading.
I called my cute husband in for back-up.... Literally my back was KILLING me, he rushed over in his car to my rescue and helped me for the last 45 minutes and did all the cart pushing, which freed my hands up for more coupon flipping and sorting.
Little Holla out to the Hubbies-----Yea Hubbies!

As I grabbed items I grabbed the coupon for it and put it in a blank file slot and I had 3/4 of an inch thick of coupons to hand the sweet cashier.

The items all rang up to $402.75 before coupons (GASP!)
I began to panic but told myself
"Breathe; if you did this right; all items should be less than $1 or better....."
Hubbie was "A little nervous but really curious to see how much we'd Really be paying"
So "David" starting to scan my coupons....
and down,
the total went to $157.04!!!
I had 164 items total.
Yup! all less than .99! Some Free!

Here's some Items I got:

Duracell batteries 4 packs of AA's $3.00 Store sale
Doubled the 11 $1/1 coupons
Final price - $1 each - got 11 packages!

Jello .99 each Store Sale
5 - .50/2 coupons doubled
10 boxes @ .50 each

Hunts Pudding Cups Store Sale .99 each
4 pk coupon $1/4 4-packs Doubled
.50 each 4 pack - .12 each pudding cup

Herbal Essences - Store promo $2 each after $4 transaction Rebate
4 Shampoo/Conditioners:
4 coupons for B1G1 free - got 4 mousse products free!
Final price $1 each

6 Ocean Spray single packs (to flavor 16 0z water)
Store Sale $2.50 each
3 -$1/2 store coupons doubled
$1.50 each6 $.75/1 mfgr coupon doubled
Final Price - Free!

Speedstick Deodorant - .33 each after coupons

Excedrin 40 count -.50 per bottle after coupons

Butoni Refrigerated pasta - Reg $6.50 -$2.50 after coupons -
freezable meal for 4 for $2.50 plus pasta sauce - I got that for free too!

Clean and Clear products - $2.60 after coupons

6 Yoplait 4packs and 4 dannon 4 packs of yogurt
a .22 each moneymaker after coupon Whoot!
Made $2.20 on those!!

Nesquick moneymaker of .50 each - only 2 left - Darn!
I could only make a buck of those babies.
Well you get the idea...... Here's the receipt!

Look at this bad's as tall as me! - The checker told me it's the longest one he's seen that day - Ha! (swelling with pride here)

Notice the lovely Savings? I saved $281! That's 65% off! OR I only paid for 35% of my items :)

Ignore the man behind the curtain folks the 59% is wrong. It forgot to take into account my mom's regular priced items I minus-ed from this total

Here's more of the receipt FULL of coupons More coupons/promo's
Lots of Lovely lovely coupons being doubled....isn't it a lovely site? Did I say that already?

Just Lovely.

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