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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

CRAZY Moneymaker!

Alright peeps; I had to keep checking Albies for my Ragu deal and they had some tonight so I ran down at 930: I did the Unilever/General Mills promotion - Vaseline lotion, Dove shampoo, and Q-Tips were the three items that printed out BOTH promo Catilina's at the end of the order so the deal was:
For Participating Unilever products- Spend $30 get $12 OYNO
For Participating General Mills products - Spend $30 get $15 OYNO

Since Vaseline overlapped in both offers I got $30 of lotion here; (the Shampoo and Q-Tips were gone from the shelves!)

These cost $31.95 with tax I saved $17.94 on store sale but geez! Who spends $31.95 on lotion?? Well, I guess I DO!.... because I know I can get $27 of Catilina's to print to spend OYNO. So really I only spent $3 on $50 worth of of lotion :)

OR you can think of it this way:

After this purchase I now have $27 to spend OYNO so I moved on to my Ragu transaction:

Got 18 Jars reg price $3.39 or $61.02 for all
Store sale $1.66 each or $30 for all
I had 9 $1/2 coupons
Bringing price down to $1.16 each or $21 for all
I used $17 in Catilina's (CATS) to bring the price for all to $4.00 or .22 each!
(I couldn't use another $5 cat to make it free because I would have an overage and would have "lost" $1. I should have gotten 19 jars of sauce and spent .16 total, but ah well)
Anyhoo; That's a 94% savings people!

But that's not all folks. The Sauce qualified for the GM Promo AGAIN so I got ANOTHER $15 OYNO!!

Or we could think of it as they paid me $30 to take all this stuff home! Either way you slice it it was an awesome trip.

Count em' folks $30 to spend at ALBIES on my next order!
Technically I could have gone back and done this a few more times and gotten cartloads of free goodies each day of this promotion; (limit 2 per day) but I'm tired and I have a life and there's a pont where I start feeling guilty about getting so much free stuff; so I feel like I got my fair share, went home to blog about it and now I'm going to bed......
I get all these hints and tips from Krazy Coupon Lady and the others listed in my couponing blog roll; so check them out!

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