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Monday, November 2, 2009


Here's the latest Haul.
I must stay that it was kinda expensive! But as you see I got some high value stuff,

Purex refills regularly $9.99
On sale for $4.49
$1.00 off coupon
$3.49 Each
I got 4 - so that's 100 loads of laundry for $14

Cereal was $1.88 on sale
I got 5 for $1.33 each with .50 off coupons

Hefty Garbage Bags regularly $7.99
On sale for $5.99
$1.00 coupon
Got 2 for $4.99 Each

But the Candy!!
So these big bags regularly $8.99
On sale for $4
$2.00 coupon
$2.00 Each!

The Twizzlers were $4
on sale $2 each

So I spent $84.42 before tax
I had some essentials that I had to get and I did put them on this ticket, apples, reynolds wrap, make up pencil, (gasp!) I know!
Apparently you're not a true couponer if you don't separate the real life stuff from the couponed stuff in your transactions. Ah well. Sue me, but hey, here's the real deal!
I Saved $94.92
Total savings percentage: 53%

And where is all that candy now? I'm not tellin' I also didn't post that I got Hershey's and Dove chocolate for $1 a bag at Target. :) Oh yeah, I stocked up.

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